On the Town 都市掠影
Covent Garden 考文特花园
 Learning English presenter Yang Li in Covent Garden
Learning English presenter Yang Li in Covent Garden
Lily: Hello and welcome to Covent Garden. I am Lily.

Howard: 还有我,昊宇,今天的城市掠影节目,邀请大家同我们一起逛逛考文特花园,Covent Garden.

Lily: Although it is called Covent Garden, it is far more than a garden; in fact, it is a public square with rich history, beautiful architecture and attractive cultural atmosphere.

Howard: 这里具有悠久的历史, 优美的建筑和诱人的文化气氛。History, architecture and culture.

Lily: Don't forget that the famous Royal Opera House is right here too with all the big theatres and cinemas around Covent Garden.

Howard: 这么说,如果我想领略一下英国的历史风貌,民风民俗和艺术表演,

Lily: You come to Covent Garden!

Howard: 我想看看古典的西方建筑风格, 再拍照留念呢?

Lily: No better place than Covent Garden!

Howard: 嗯,饱眼福之外, 我还想购物, 饱饱口福呢?

Lily: First choice is still Covent Garden!

Lily: Let me tell you a figure, according to recent estimates, almost 1 million people visit the famous market at Covent Garden every week - from all parts of the world.

Howard: Wow! 每个星期就有一百万外国游客来此观光!it is pretty impressive, isn’t it!

Lily: Definitely! Let’s ask a few visitors what they like most about Covent Garden.


I like to come to Covent Garden because it has an environment where there is something for everyone. There is restaurants, choice of shops and entertainment and it’s a nice place to walk around as there is no traffic, so people can do whatever they want here at their leisure, there is no pressure to worry about going somewhere, they can spend the whole day here and feel you had a good time out.

Lily+Howard: This is Roger, he studied history and has intimate knowledge of London. He said there is something for everybody. 人人都能找到自己喜欢的东西。There is no traffic or you can also say traffic-free; 没有车辆的步行街; at one’s leisure. 悠闲自在的.


I am Masha from Malaysia. I’m 18 years old and I have just arrived here. I like Covent Garden very much and there are many shows here and very interesting. It reminds me about the scenes from Oliver Twist, I like it very much.

Howard: 18岁的Marsha刚从马来西亚来伦敦,她特别喜欢考文特花园,还说,这里的一切使她想起了迪更斯作品,《雾都孤儿》中的景象。

Lily: And of course mentioning Covent Garden and most people would think of the various entertainments: from the first Punch and Judy shows in the 17th century to the world's very best street theatre.

Howard: 从传统的木偶剧Punch and Judy shows 到世界最有名的露天戏street theatre.这里的娱乐节目丰富多彩. 我说,Lily, 咱们到露天广场那边看看,听上去满热闹的!

Lily: Here in the large open space, a juggler is entertaining the crowds of people who are cheering with excitement.


There is a juggler with a chainsaw; it’s an electrical device, an axe and an apple. He eats a bit of the apple and juggles with it, it’s incredible!

They are mostly jugglers and people like acrobats and all that, but it’s a lot of fun and people like it, you know, we know where they are coming from and it’s great fun.

Howard: 刚才这位女士说,眼前这位杂耍魔术师用电锯、斧头锯苹果的表演实在精彩,难以置信 incredible! 接着一位带伦敦东区口音的男子说,来这里表演的大多数都是魔术师和杂技演员jugglers and acrobats,他觉得特有意,it’s great fun!


Apart from the entertainment element what else do you think people might find interesting around the square? Well, there is the market on the south side of the square and there is lots of wonderful… everything.

Lily: Yes, it’s wonderful going around the market here as it’s London's best showcase for vibrant examples of handmade British design.

Howard: 这里还是伦敦展现 英国手工设计新产品的最佳窗口。

Lily: The famous Apple Market is still here right in the centre of Covent Garden.

Howard: 苹果市场,非常有名, 还有它四周的小店铺,似乎都是原汁原味的,和现代大超市不一样.

Lily: Covent Garden has traditionally been a centre of small businesses and at one time the largest whole sale fruit and vegetable market in England.

Howard: 曾是英格兰最大的鲜花和瓜果蔬菜批发市场,whole sale market. 说到the old market, 你还记得音乐剧窈窕淑女吧 ?

Lily: My Fair Lady of course, that’s my favourite musical of all time. Yes. Perhaps that’s another feature that attracts people for a visit here.

Howard: My fair Lady 的故事不就是围绕着主人公怎么从考文特花园的一个卖花女被调教为上层贵妇人而展开的吗?

Lily: 看来, 如果参观者时间有限, 又想全面领略一下英伦的风土人情, 历史建筑.同时免费看一场喜剧表演, 听听街头艺人的吹拉弹唱,

Lily+Howard: You have to come to Covent Garden!

Howard: Remember the nearest tube station is Covent Garden

Lily: Hope you have enjoyed our programme and we’ll see you next time.

Howard: Cheerio!

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