On the Town 都市掠影
Shoreditch 东伦敦的新兴文艺区
Shoreditch girls with funky haircuts
Trendy hairstyles in Shoreditch
Jean: So Finn, getting a haircut?

Finn: Yes, I'm just booking my haircut right now. But I really can't decide what style to go for.

Jean: Well how about a Mohawk?

Finn: Oh, that style was cool a few years ago, I want some new inspiration!

Jean: Well you've come to the right place. 我们今天的 On the Town 节目就是在东伦敦,体验一下这里一个很酷很富个性的地方 Shoreditch.

Finn: Yes, today on "On the Town" from BBC Learning English we are in Shoreditch, which is a very cool area in East London. It's a good place to get a trendy haircut.

Jean: Yes, 这里到处都是梳着各种非常 trendy 非常时尚发型的年轻人! 在我们今天的节目中,我们会来给大家介绍一下所谓的莫霍克 Mohawk 发型究竟是什么,还有 Shoreditch 这个地方和国际足坛明星 David Beckham 到底有什么样的密切关系!

Finn: But first, let's find out a little more about this area. Shoreditch has some of the trendiest bars and clubs in London. How about a beer Jean?

Jean: Sounds good to me! Nice bar. 那这里还有什么好玩儿的地方啊?

Finn: Yes, and Tara here lives in Shoreditch. Let's ask why she chose to come here and what she thinks of the area.


It's very arty, it's definitely an up-and-coming place. It – I think - used to be quite rough but it's definitely becoming younger and hipper and cooler. There's lots of funky bars around, funky cafes. There's a lot – there's a very varied nightlife and it goes on till very late. It's very rowdy and I sometimes have trouble getting to sleep!

Jean: 她说这里很有点艺术风格 arty, 是个人气越来越旺的地方 up-and-coming, 不过在此之前,在这一带其实是治安相当不好的,所以她说这里曾经是 quite rough.

Finn: But now Tara thinks it's younger, hipper and cooler.

Jean: Hipper 就是更加的 hip, 就是更加的酷!她也说这里也有很富个性很时尚 funky 的酒吧和咖啡厅。

Finn: And funky is another word which means cool.

Jean: 看来形容酷的词我们已经提到好几个了。

Finn: Yes, we've already heard four of them, that's: trendy, funky, cool, and hip!

Jean: But the area can be rowdy 很喧闹 at night.

Finn: Yes – well people here, they like to party every night of the week.

Jean: 她说这一带已经是改变不小了,在以前这里是很 rough 不太安全,不过现在是相当的 trendy 相当时尚。 So Finn, have you been inspired by any of the hairstyles you saw in the bar?

Finn: I'm still not sure – people round here have such crazy hair!

Jean: 是的,很多英国的时尚 trendy 发型都是从 Shoreditch 这里最早流行起来,后来被音乐和体育的名人明星所崇尚才掀起热潮的。

Finn: Like David Beckham and his Mohawk.

Jean: Oh yes - Mohawk 莫霍克,其实已开始形容的是纽约州中部印第安莫霍克族人的。因为莫霍克人的传统发型是剃光头两侧的头发,只留中间一溜乍立起来的头发,看上去有点像鱼的背鳍一样。 Like a fin.

Finn: Yes, that's "fin", which is spelt F.I.N, so that's spelt differently from my name, which is spelt F.I.N.N.

Jean: 确实如此!这个发型在5、6年前是相当的流行。我们下面会请住在 Shoreditch 这一带叫做 Hoxton 的地区的一位专业发型师 Declan 给我们作一下有关的介绍。

Finn: He's going to describe a style of haircut called the Hoxton Fin!


The Hoxton Fin would be like the modern version of a Mohawk. It wouldn't be as long through the top and slightly shorter through the sides and just blended in so it’s a bit more commercial looking, but it still has that kind of feel. David Beckham usually is the first person to get whatever's trendy at the time so he probably made it popular, but it probably didn't start with him.

Jean: 原来所谓的 Hoxton Fin 就是莫霍克发型的现代版,只不过不是那么夸张罢了,长短更均匀一些 ,更为 blended in.

Finn: Yes, more blended in – more commercial looking than the original Mohawk.

Jean: 更加的商业性 commercial. 就是说更多的人更愿意多花钱来做这个发型。那按他说来,当初贝克汉姆 Beckham 的发型也是从 Shoreditch 这里找来的灵感喽?

Finn: Yeah, well maybe he did! And I've got lots of ideas too now for a funky haircut!

Jean: Well, maybe the perfect style for you is a Hoxton Fin, Finn!

Finn: Ok Jean! And maybe you can get a Hoxton Jean?

Jean: Yes, 说不定咱们也能掀起又一轮热潮呢!

Finn: And that's all for this week's programme.

Jean: 我们的网站就是 www.bbc.co.uk/china.

Finn: Bye for now.

Jean: See you!

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