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  1.冒犯他可不是好玩的,我吃过苦头。(Offending him is nothing pleasant, as I know to my cost.)

  2.学生数这么少就开班从成本上讲划不来。(It isn’t cost-effective to open classes with so few students.)

  3.我恐怕这是我们的底盘价了,已经逼近我们的成本价,让我们几乎就没有利润了。(I’m afraid that’s our bottom offer. It’s already very close to our cost price, leaving us almost no margin of profit at all.)

  4.她良好的体态是经常锻炼的结果。(Her nice figure is due to regular work-out.)

  5.‘你好吗?’—‘好极了。’( ‘How are you?’—‘Can’t be better.’)

  6.事情本可以更好的。(Things could have been better.)

  7.如果你需要谁倾听你的苦处,我在这儿呢。(If you need a sympathetic ear, I am here.)

  8.我那样做纯粹是同情心使然。(I did that purely out of sympathy.)

  9.他是个非常宽宏大量又非常善解人意的人,无论什么情况下从不抱怨任何人、任何事。(He is a very tolerant and understanding man. He never complains about anyone and anything in any situation.)

  10.还好吗?“还好。”(How are you? “Oh, can’t complain.”)

  11.她说头疼,提前离开了。(She left early, complaining of a headache.)

  12.老天爷作证,这件事不是我做的。(Honest to goodness, I didn’t do it.)

  13.如果你再这么讲,我就请你出去!(If you go on talking like this, I’ll show you the door!)

  14.每一位婴儿的脸都有别于其他的婴儿。同样,每一位婴儿的发展道路也不同于其他婴儿。(Every baby’s face is different from every other’s. In the same way, every baby’s pattern of development is different from every other’s.)

  15.咯咯地笑着,儿子爬着进了我的书房,后面跟着我们的小狗Jimmy。(Giggling, my son crawled into my study, followed by our puppy, Jimmy.)

  16.他不能清楚地表达自己的想法,所以,就让我代劳吧。(Since he can’t put his ideas over clearly enough, allow me to speak on his behalf.)

  17.我们在为钱争论地正酣时他推门进来了。(We were in the middle of arguing about//over money when he pushed in.)

  18.黄浦江曲曲弯弯流经上海市区,最后注入东海。(The Huangpu River winds its way across the city proper of Shanghai and pours into the East China Sea.)

  19.能讲一口漂亮英语的人已相当少见,而既能讲一口漂亮英语又唱歌唱得好的人就更是凤毛麟角了。(Those who can speak good English are quite rare while those who both speak good English and sing good songs are the rarity of rarity.)

  20.我在上海一直过得很开心,但是我在英语学习方面依然有些不太顺。(I’ve been having a very good time in Shanghai, but I still have trouble with my English study.)

  21.我这两周来一直感到晕乎乎的。我吃了各种各样的药,还做了大量的锻炼,但这一切一点效果也没有。(I’ve been feeling dizzy in the past two weeks. I’ve taken all kinds of medicines and have exercised a lot, but these have not had any effect.)

  22.她是我见到过的最甜的女孩子了,堪称绝无仅有!(She is the sweetest girl I have ever met in the world. She is next to none!)

  23.深夜里,走在空寂无人的大街上,我感到极度的寂寞。(Walking down the silent deserted street late at night, I felt extremely lonely.)

  24.当轮到我发言时,我突然失去了信心。(When it was my turn to speak, , my confidence suddenly deserted me.)

  25.我认为我们不应该削减广告预算。(I don’t think we should cut back our advertising budget.)

  26.不是有句老话嘛:“眼不见,心不烦”。去找个安静的地方放松几天。(As the old saying goes, “Out of sight, out of mind”. Go find a quiet place and relax for a few days.)

  27.每当我想到早年的艰辛和漫漫成功之路,就会有种成就感。要知道,努力总会有回报的。(Whenever I remember my hard early years and the long road to success, I always have a sense of achievement. You know, hard work always pays off.)

  28.我可以抵御一切,就是抵挡不住诱惑!(I can resist all but temptation!)

  29.我陷入沉思。(I was wrapped up in deep thoughts.)

  30.我都快要油漆完墙壁了他才来告诉我油漆的颜色搞错了!(I had almost finished painting the wall before he came to tell me that the paint was in the wrong color.)

  31.火车驶出站不久我就睡了过去。当我醒来时,我发现自己靠在一位中年女士的肩上,她正带着一种圣洁而温柔的母爱对着我笑呢。(I soon fell asleep after the train pulled out of the station, and when I woke up, I found myself leaning on the shoulder of a middle-aged lady who was smiling to me with a kind of holy tender maternal love.)

  32.Ben,没看见我在打电话嘛!(I’m trying to talk on the phone!)

  33.我回了一下头,真有点希望她会跟上来。(I looked back, half expecting to see her following me.)

  34.服了这些药后可能会有点疲乏的感觉。(A little tiredness after taking these pills is to be expected.)

  35.这个决定可能会让你在有生之年都追悔莫及。(The decision could be one you live to regret.)

  36.一天,当我正沿Main Street行走的时候,我看到一个年轻人急匆匆地从一家路边的酒吧里冲了出来,迎面撞上了一位骑自行车路过的年轻姑娘,并把她给撞倒在地。(One day, when I was walking down Main Street, I saw a young man came rushing out of a roadside bar, bumping into a passing-by young girl who was riding a bicycle and knocked her down.)

  37.千万别认为我的成功仅仅是靠一丝的运气。多少个夜晚当你们在打牌的时候我埋头工作;当你们还在呼呼大睡的时候我已经在办公室里了。造成我们之间差别的是我们不一样的投入:时间的、精力的、热情的!(Never think my success is merely a stroke of luck. So many nights as you were playing cards, I buried myself in work, and while you were still in sound sleep, I was already in the office. What has made the difference is our unparalleled investment—of time, energy, and passion!)

  38.放松下来吧,我们很快就会把这件事情搞定的。(Relax. We’ll set this matter straight before long.)

  39.看来你还是困惑。让我来给你解释清楚吧。(It seems that you are still confused. Let me set you straight.)

  40.每月5000元按照她的标准只能算是“小钱”。(5000 yuan a month is small money by her standards.)

  41.我们的目标是维持高标准的客户服务。(We aim to maintain high standards of customer service.)

  42.他屁股还没坐稳就说必须要走了。(He had no sooner sat down than he said that he had to leave.)

  43.我多年的一个梦想就是帮助那些想流利讲英语的人在最短的时间里掌握它,比如说一年。我知道这不是件简单事,但我仍然希望我真的能做到。(One dream that I have had for so many years is to help those who want to speak English fluently achieve it within the shortest possible time, say in a year. I know it is no easy thing, but still I hope I can really do it.)

  43.此事我还得再做几次调研才能肯定地告诉你任何东西。(I’ll have to make a few more inquires into the matter before I can tell you anything for sure.)

  44.她是一位脾气暴躁、身材矮胖、不苟言笑的女人。(She is a hot-tempered, stout, and unsmiling woman.)

  45.她两眼直勾勾地盯着盘子,一会儿的功夫她便忙着吃上了。(Her eyes were fixed on her plate and in a short time, she was busy eating.)

  46.在晚宴上,好客的女主人走到客人中间询问每一位客人是否吃得尽兴,喝得尽致。(At the dinner party, the hospitable hostess walked around and asked each of her guests if he was eating and drinking to his heart’s content.)

  47.如果你多干活少说话,我们早已经完成工作了。(If you had worked more and talked less, we would have finished our work.)

  48.你没必要对我的书如此挑剔。将来有一天你自己尝试着做了你就会知道写一本书是多么耗时耗神了。(You needn’t be so picky about my book. You’ll know how time and energy-consuming it is to write a book one day when you try doing it yourself.)

  49.我很喜欢“难得糊涂”这个说法。我在昨天的讲话中应该用上去的。(I like the saying “Ignorance is a rare blessing” very much. I should have used it in my speech yesterday.)

  50.噢,对了。你的话提醒了我:你休哪几天呀?(Oh, yeah. What you said reminds me of one thing—which are your days off?)

  51.那套房子那人要价60万元,我只愿出50万,最后我们折衷成交。(The man wanted ¥600,000 for the apartment, but I would only offer him ¥500,000, so we finally split the difference.)

  52.在比赛进行到某一刻的时候,她赢似乎已成定局,但令我们失望的是她最后仅得了个第四名。(At one point during the race, it seemed certain that she would win. But to our disappointment, she only turned out to be No. 4.)

  53.恕我直言了:我们需要更多钱。(I’ll come straight to the point: we need more money.)

  54.到了关键时刻他总是改变主意。(When it comes to the point, he always changes his mind.)

  55.会上,老板刻意强调了加强所有部门间合作的事宜。(At the meeting, the boss made a strong point of strengthening cooperation among all the individual departments.)

  56.只有满足了这些条件后,申请才能转入到下一步。(Only if these conditions are fulfilled can the application proceed to the next stage.)

  57.小孩子很难管,这一点我们都再清楚不过了。(Children can be difficult to handle as we know only too well.)

  58.飞机从跑道上腾空而起,向北飞去。(The plane cleared the runway and headed north.)

  59.想不到吧!我得了一辆车!一辆BMW765!(Just think of it! I got a car for free! A BMW765!)

  60.不怕让你见笑了,可究竟互联网是怎么运作的呢?(At the risk of showing my ignorance, how exactly does the Internet work?)

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