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  人道是骄兵必败。就拿拿破仑和希特勒(Napoleon and Hitler)来说吧,他们所想披靡,便以为自己战无不胜,不可阻挡。但俄罗斯的冰雪战士(icy defender)证明他们错了。

  They say that pride comes before a fall. In the case of both Napoleon and Hitler, they won many victories, which led them to believe that anything was possible and that nothing could stand in their way. But Russia’s icy defender proved them wrong.


  Making a living as a door-to-door salesman demands a thick skin, both to protect against the weather and against constantly having the door shut in your face.


  Is America going to decline like other great powers (nations) in history ? The author thinks not, arguing that the type of society created in America is quite unlike any that has gone before it.


  Well begun is half done, as the saying goes. It is extremely important for a job applicant to make sufficient preparations while seeking employment. From my standpoint, whether or not one has prepared adequately clearly makes a difference in (affects) his chance of success.

  在美国,许多人拥有手枪。有人为了自卫买枪,如Gail Smith。另外一些人则拒绝这样做,比如她的许多朋友,因为他们认为,枪支引发的问题比解决的更多。以前Gail与她的朋友们持有相同的观点,但最终她改变了看法。

  Many people in America own handguns. Some, like Gail Smith, buy a gun for self-defense. Others, like her friends, refuse to do so because they think that guns cause more problems than they solve. Gail used to share her friends’ views, but eventually changed her mind.



  Work offers more than financial security. It provides people with self-confidence; they have a feeling of satisfaction when they have produced a challenging piece of work and are able to say, “ I made that.” Psychologists claim that work gives people an identity; through participation in work, they get a sense of self and individualism.


  It is clear that true friendship must be sincere and unconditional. It should be based on mutual understanding, not on mutual benefit. Also, true friendship can always give us a feeling of security, and warmth, and encourage us to make progress while false friendship will take advantage of us when we are crowned with success, or desert us when we are in deep waters.


  The changes in Chinese family life mirror the economic development of our country. Without the prosperity of the whole country, our family life would probably be just the same as before. Times have changed, and changed, most would surely agree with me, for the better.


  I am writing to let you know how much I appreciate your helping my son Robert last Thursday when he sprained his ankle. It meant a great deal to him to have someone extend comfort and care at such a distressing time.


  I deeply regret any misunderstanding that may have been caused by the way I acted at dinner last night. I simply got carried away and had no right to disturb such a pleasant evening. I hope that you can forgive me. Your friendship means a great deal to me.



  pass 5

  enlighten:启迪,开导 Can you enlighten me as to the new procedure ?



  sink in:渗入Rub the cream on your skin and let it sink in.;被完全理解 The scale of the tragedy gradually sank in.


  Leave the door open, please.

  Don’t leave her waiting outside in the rain.

  bitter:显示妒忌、憎恨、怨恨、失望的bitter quarrels/words / ~ly 强烈地He is bitterly opposed to nuclear weapons.

  haunt:(鬼魂)出没于 a haunted house; 经常浮现于脑际 The memory still haunts me.



  on the part of/on one’s part:由某人做出的 It was an error on my part. / The agreement has been kept on my part but not on his.


  abuse:n/v. 滥用;虐待

  1. drug abuse / abuse of power /child abuse/ abuse of prisoners

  2. Don not abuse the confidence they have placed in you. After the deputy was promoted to the top position, she abused her power.


  latitude:纬度;(思想行动)自由They allow their children too much latitude, in my view.


  poll:选举投票 be successful at the poll / The result of the poll has now been declared.

  民意测验 a public opinion poll / the Gallup poll / We are conducting a poll among school leavers. 也V.



  stop short of:不愿逾越 He can be ruthless in getting what he wants, but I believe he would stop short of blackmail.

  complex:1. 相联或相似的事物综合体 a big industrial complex/a sports & leisure complex 2. 情结 Oedipus complex / an inferiority complex自卑情结


  assume:认为(见段1句2);假定,假设 Another line of thought assumes a memory storage system of limited capacity that provides adaptive flexibility specifically through forgetting.

  preside:主持The prime minister presides at the meetings of the Cabinet. 掌管领导(~ over见段1句3)

  lump:块,团,堆 a lump of clay; lump…together把…归并在一起 Can we lump all these items together as “incidental expenses(杂费)”?

  speculative:思索的speculative philosophy(思辨哲学);投机的speculative buying of houses(投机性买房);推测的(本文段4)

  fashion:时尚;方式(见末段);(vt.)做成,制造fashion a lump of clay into a bowl

  dismiss…(as):对…不予理会;不屑一顾She was dismissed as a dreamer.

  Pass 3

  trial:尝试(94Pass5:Inventions and innovations almost always come out of laborious trial and error);审讯(本文)

  enlighten:启发,启蒙,开导Can you enlighten me as to the new procedure?

  enlightened:开明的,有知识的,启发性的enlightened attitudes/an enlightened approach to teaching

  enlightenment:The teacher’s attempts at enlightenment failed;I remained as confused as before.


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