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女性豪华游艇 女性豪华游艇
女性豪华游艇 女性豪华游艇
女性豪华游艇 女性豪华游艇
女性豪华游艇 女性豪华游艇
女性豪华游艇 女性豪华游艇
女性豪华游艇 女性豪华游艇
女性豪华游艇 女性豪华游艇
女性豪华游艇 女性豪华游艇

  You may have thought all superyachts were created equal. But according to one designer, there is a gap in the market for vessels targeted at the fairer sex.


  In case the world's most powerful women don't want to splash out on the regular millionaires' toys on the market, luxury designer Lidia Bersani has created the first luxury mega yacht with a female in mind。

  奢侈品设计师莉迪亚·贝尔萨尼(Lidia Bersani)认为世界上最有权势的女性不见得会把钱挥霍在一般百万富翁经常花费的地方,因此她为女性打造了第一艘全球巨型豪华游艇。

  The sleek white and gold yacht, measuring an impressive 262ft, is targeted at female buyers and is designed using crystal, gold, fur and flowers. It is even named La Belle, which translates as 'the beauty'。

  这艘乳白与金黄相间的游艇全长竟达262英尺(约为80米),目标群体是女性买家,并用水晶、黄金、毛皮以及鲜花作为装饰。游艇甚至名为“拉·贝尔”(La Belle),译为“美丽”。

  The 80-metre superyacht is not for the faint hearted. It's a riot of opulent gold mosaics, mother of pearl, Swarovski crystal chandeliers, gemstones, onyx and bespoke wooden furniture。


  The boat's design revolves around soft edges, smooth lines, floral patterns and a large amount of glass, crystal and bright white。


  Lidia Bersani's website says of La Belle: '[The] Yacht is in distinctive Bersani Style, romantic and warm. The colors in white, ivory and gold are predominant. Interior is full of opulent and comfortable elements.'


  The vessel could comfortably sleep 12 guests in six deluxe cabins。


  The master cabin on the second deck has a round king size double bed, private terrace, thick curtains, gold touches and floral carpeting。


  There are five other guest suites spread around the boat. If you get bored of sunning yourself on deck the yacht has lounges, dining places and facilities for live music。


  In place of darts boards and computer games, you'll find a spa area with hyrdromassage pool, sauna, hamman, infrared sauna, snow room and ice fountains; small fitness club with outdoor Jacuzzi; library with fireplace; beauty centre, disco club, cinema – theatre, as well as a few bars。


  'The idea is to equip this Super Yacht with ultra-modern stabilizing system and state of the art machinery and equipment,' says Lidia Bersani Luxury Design。

  莉亚迪•贝尔萨尼表示, 为了迎合超级游艇这一主题,船上均采用超现代化的稳定系统以及先进的机器和设备。

  Each of the five decks has an outside area for relaxing, sun bathing and looking out to sea. There's a lift as well as staircase to take you in between them。


  Of the price, Ms Bersani told MailOnline, 'Unfortunately we do not have yet the final price. The idea is to build the most luxurious yacht on the world, and the golden decorations, Swarovski crystals, and some precious stones which we would like to use, it will be not cheap, I am sure.'



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