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  Writing Topic for Semifinals

  Directions: We can be sure that most people have experienced failure and success. Most often, when we are successful we are happy. If we fail, we are sad. Now, you are asked to write an essay on the topic of Failure and Success. You can give some examples and facts to support your opinion. Your essay should be written in English with on less than 300 words within 60 minutes。


  Failure Leads to Success

  姓名  赵思凌  四川省绵阳市东辰国际   学校   2007级4班级   准考证号 282

  Staring at my marks, I was trembling. The highlighted ‘50’ was like explosions in the sky (a bolt from the blue) , which suggested I was (去掉) utterly failed. However, to my astonishment, my mother didn’t keep a straight face with my paper in hand. Slowly she said, “It’s compulsory to face the music, boy. Always remember: Failure leads to success。” Ever since then, I committed those words to memory to stand up again after failure。

  My dear friends, failure is not dire. What is (去掉) really awesome is giving yourselves over to the bad mood after failure. It’s a common sense that everybody wants to end up in success, so sparing no effort to work hard becomes a corollary. In history, examples of peoples who succeeded after failure were as many as stars can be (去掉)。

  For instance, Edison was kicked out of school on account of his bad grades. However, he immediately overcame the sadness and committed himself to scientific invention. Then, as we all know, he became the greatest inventor after failure and was universally highly though (thought) of. From this, we can see, failure never defeated Edison. On the contrary, failure turned into the power of his success。

  On top of that, I want to mention Alert Einstein, whose life was considered a downright failure by his teachers. Alert’s teacher used to maintain that he (the boy) was too iconoclastic and inevitable to become a philistine. Alert took a very view of that. He developed his interest in physics and tried his best to do research on some moscopolitan (cosmopolitan) problems. At last, his “Theory of Relativity” made the world convinced that he was successful。

  Depending on my personal experience and emotional concern, failure is totally the darkness before dawn. if (If) we pull ourselves out of the black abyss, we will see the sun shining above the horizon。” God helps those who help themselves。” Only when we help ourselves in (out of) failure, it eventually leads to success (can we eventually achieve success)。

  Failure and Success

  姓名  王峥  山东省青晶市第二中   学校  二、14班级  准考证号 32

  An ancient Chinese adage says, “Failure is the mother of success”. It tells us that failure teaches people how to succeed. Those philosiphers (philosophers) are always right. No one is a winner for life-long, and thus everybody, even the most successful ones, has failed in sake of (for the sake of) various reasons。

  The story of Mr. Abraham Lincoln, the previous president of America, offers us a proper example. Mr. Lincoln started his political journey in his early 20 (20s), but the fate tricked him. Among his first ten attempts of running for elections for political positions like (去掉) Senator and (or) the Head of the State, Mr. Lincoln only won once, and then numerous failures stepped up after that. But he never stopped. Finally, in his 50 (50s), Mr. Lincoln became the president of America. His failures led to his success. All the valuable experiences, including the mistakes, showed him how to succeed. Then, it is obvious that failure can help not only Mr. Lincoln but also everyone to gain experiences and to avoid mistakes. Thus success comes。

  Despite the reason described in the above paragraph, another subtle one also serves to the topic. Failure forces people to explore new means to success. KFC is a case in point. As everybody knows, KFC’s origins were in America, but it was not as successful as McDonald. But when KFC came to China, it became popular in one night (overnight). People, especially kids, loved it. KFC has found its new way in China. Situations must be the same to everyone if they explore new things in their failures。

  Taking into account all the relevant factors that affect and contribute to the topic, we may safely conclude that, failure, indeed, leads people all the way to success。

  Failure and Success

  姓名  韩金延  北京市中国人民大学附属中学   学校   高二13班级   准考证号 379

  Thomas Edison, one of the greatest scientists ever happened to (in) the world, had experienced failure many times, more than we can ever think of. In inventing the light bulb, he tried more than 2,000 materials, yet they all failed. Though this might be enough to deprive the hope of success from anyone, it didn’t discourage Edison. He went on trying until he find (found) the right material. He achieved success after thousands of times of failure (failures)。

  In real life, we all have to experience failure. Nobody can be successful all his life without meeting even one downfall. We may feel happy when we succeed and are sad when we fail. However, the important thing is that we shouldn’t be discouraged or give up hope when we meet failure. Failure is always on our way to success, yet we have to overcome that difficulty to achieve our goal。

  Jay Chou is a good example. Everyone knows the singer Jay Chou now, but only a few years ago, he was just an ordinary musician who wrote songs for other singers. His music wasn’t accepted at first because it was regarded as “wierd (weird)”. Jay, however, didn’t give up. He continued with his music until success finally knocked at the door。

  Stephen Chou (Zhou Xingchi) is another persistant (persistent) man not discouraged by failure. Before he became a world figure, he could only play small parts in films. What’s more, his acting skills weren’t recognized by his fellow actors. The many (去掉) times of failure and the (去掉) difficulties he faced were unbelievable. Stephen, however, didn’t give up. He held on to his dreams until the days of glory finally arrived。

  Failures are unavoidable if we are to succeed. We should be adamant enough as not to be discouraged, persistant (persistent) enough as not to give up and diligent enough to overcome the barriers of failure. If we can do that, we will find that success will light our way。

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