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Bring It On (俗语)好,来吧

Could you please explain the meaning of bring it on? - Ricky, China

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A woman talking on a mobile phone
Shall we go for that drink now? Bring it on!

Ricky wrote to us asking if we could explain the meaning of the phrase bring it on.

BBC Learning English language expert Catherine Chapman explained that it is a commonly-used phrase in English, but mainly in spoken English. It is a modern informal colloquial English phrase that is used a lot by young people in particular.

It basically means I’m ready to do something. It’s similar to the phrase just do it and when you use it, it can mean let’s go or let’s do it.

A: Shall we go for that drink now?
B: Bring it on!

A: I’m really looking forward to the football game on Saturday.
B: Bring it on!

A boy playing a computer game
I bet I can get a better score than you. Bring it on!

Catherine told us it’s a phrase that is used especially when talking about a challenge or a task.

If someone wants you to do something quite difficult, you can say bring it on to mean you’re confident you can do it successfully.

A: Are you ready for your vocabulary test today?
B: Bring it on!

A: Come on! Let’s see who can get the best score in this game.
B: All right. Bring it on!

And as for the pronunciation, we don’t say each word separately. We run them together, which is quite usual in English. The stress is sometimes on the word 'on' and it sometimes on the word 'bring'.

Listen to the programme to hear lots of examples.

Thanks for your question Ricky. If you have a question like Ricky’s about the English language, email us: questions.chinaelt@bbc.co.uk.

Glossary 词汇

expert 专家

commonly-used 常用的/通用的

mainly 主要的

informal 非正式的/随便的

colloquial 俗语口语的

in particular 特别(是)

a challenge 挑战

a task 任务

confident 自信的

successfully 成功地

as for 至于/关于

pronunciation 单词的发音

separately 分开的/隔开的

run them together 连读/连起来

stress 重音

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