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It’s and Its / It’s 和 Its 的区别

What's the difference between it's and its?

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Fei Yang has emailed us with this week’s question. She wants to know the difference between it’s and its.


This is two words joined together – usually it and is. The apostrophe takes the place of the i in is. This kind of word is called a contraction.

So you could say it’s hot today, which is the contracted form of it is hot today.

A beach on a hot day
It’s hot today

Other contractions are things like I’ll (I will), he’d (he would) and they’ve (they have).

It’s can also be a contraction of it and has when used in the present perfect tense. The apostrophe takes the place of the h and the a in has.

For example, it’s been raining is the contracted form of it has been raining.


This form of its is a possessive pronoun. I, you, his, her, we, they are all pronouns but possessive pronouns are my, your, his, her, our and their.

I have a pen – it is my pen.
We have a house – it is our house.

Its is the possessive pronoun of it. It is used for animals, objects and basically anything we don't know the gender of. So you would say:

A dog eating food
The dog ate its food very quickly

The dog ate its food very quickly.

Look at that car – its windows are broken.

We hoped we answered your question for you Fei. If anyone has a question about the English language, we can answer it for you.

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Glossary 词汇

joined together 词与连起来

apostrophe (英语中的)瞥号,省字号

contraction 缩略

contracted form 缩略形式

present perfect tense 现在完成式

form 形式

possessive pronoun 表示所属关系的代词

objects 宾语

gender 性别

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