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Business Emails 商务电子邮件

"Can you tell me how to write better business emails?" Sola, China

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This week's question comes from Sola in China who wants to know how to write better business emails.

Being able to write good work or business emails in English is an important skill in today's globalised economy.

But where do you begin? We've prepared ten simple tips to bear in mind when writing business emails in English.

Ten Top Tips

A scared businessman sending an email
Does the prospect of sending business emails terrify you?

1) Use a clear title

2) Keep language simple

3) Watch your tone

4) Don't use text language or emoticons

5) Use capital letters where necessary

6) Keep attachments small

7) Use an appropriate email address

A cat using a laptop
It's easy when you know how

8) Use an appropriate signature

9) Check spelling and grammar

10) Read it again before sending

For further explanation about each of the points above, listen to our programme and download our script.

Most importantly, just remember to be polite and clear, and check everything thoroughly before you send.

We hope this has answered your question Sola.

Good luck with your email writing, everyone! And what better way to practise than by sending our team an email to: questions.chinaelt@bbc.co.uk.

Glossary 词汇

globalised economy 国际化经济

tips 建议

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