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Verb+ing 动词+ing

Can you tell me how to use verbs with ing?

Listen to this programme first and then read the information below. 请先听节目然后再阅读以下内容。

This week’s question is from Zhu Jun Jun who wants to know how to use verbs with ing.

There are many ways to use the verb+ing but in this week’s programme we focus on how to use verb+ing in the continuous tense.

The present participle

Verbs can take many forms, for example:


Present participle

Past participle

The verb+ing is also known as the present participle and that is what today’s programme focuses on.

The continuous tense

A map of Australia
Zhu Jun Jun is currently living in Australia

You often use the verb+ing when you are making sentences in the continuous tense. For example:

Past continuous
I was living in Australia.

Present continuous
I am living in Australia.

Future continuous
I will be living in Australia.

In the above examples, you will notice that there is another verb before the verb+ing. This helping verb is very important as it tells you about the time period in the sentence.

A table showing the use of verb-ing

This information in the table above explains which helping verbs you should use before the verb+ing.

Listen to this week’s audio programme for more example sentences.

A kangaroo
A very special Australian

You will also hear an interview with a very special Australian.

We hope this goes a little way to answering your question Zhu Jun Jun.

We look forward to hearing any other questions you might have about the English language.

Everyone is welcome to email their questions to questions.chinaelt@bbc.co.uk.

Glossary 词汇

continuous tense 进行时

forms 形式

infinitive 动词不定式

present participle 现在分词

past participle 过去分词

past continuous 过去进行时

present continuous 现在进行时

future continuous 将来进行时

time period 时间阶段

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