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Holidays 假日

Could you please let me know the difference between holiday and holidays? Also, what is the difference between a holiday and a vacation?

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Lots of people at an airport check in desk
Where would you like to go on holiday?

This week’s question is from Tong Zhang who wants to know how to correctly use the word holiday.

This word can be a little confusing as people use it in a lot of different situations. It can take on many meanings.

Here are some of the most common ways that the word holiday is used.

1. The word holiday can be used when you are talking about a period of time when you don’t go to work or school. For example:

I really need a holiday as work is just too busy at the moment.

2. The word holiday can be used when you are talking about a national or public holiday when hardly anyone has to go to work or school. For example:

In England there are approximately eight public holidays each year.

3. The word holiday can be used to describe a fun trip that you have been on. For example:

My recent holiday to Venice was wonderful.

4. The word holidays can be used to talk about a general period of time where people are not at school or work. For example:

I think the summer holidays are far too long.

A man sitting on a sofa watching TV
He likes to relax at home during the holidays

Listen to this week’s programme to hear more about using the word holiday.

Tracy and Li also offer some additional words and phrases that you can use when you are talking about holidays.

We hope we’ve answered your question Tong Zhang.

We look forward to receiving more questions about the English language.

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Glossary 词汇

period of time 一段时间

national holiday 全国休假日

public holiday 公共假日

trip 旅行/旅程

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