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Hi, I am completely confused about the usage of 'most'. I am not so sure when I have to put 'the' before 'most'. For example, 'Which question do you think most difficult?' or 'This is the most beautiful town in the world'. Why some need to add 'the' while some do not need to add 'the'? - Wong, China

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Whether or not we put 'the' before 'most' depends on several things. Both Wong's example sentences above are examples of superlatives. With superlatives, it is usually safest is to put 'the' before the superlative, but it is sometimes possible to not do this, when there isn't a noun being defined.

So it is possible to say,

Venice: the most beautiful city in Europe?

I am tallest in my office.

But if the noun 'man' follows the superlative you have to say

I am the tallest man in my office.

However, there is one main exception. We don't say 'the' when we are comparing the way one thing is at different times, rather than comparing two things. So,

This town is most beautiful in Spring.

Li and William also discuss rules about using 'most' when we aren't creating superlatives.

When we are using 'most' as an adverb we can choose whether to use 'the' or not. So, you can say

Which writer do you like most?


Which writer do you like the most?

When we are using 'most' to mean 'the majority of' we don't use 'the', so:

Most Chinese people like tea

Lastly, in old-fashioned, formal English, 'most' is used on its own to mean 'very'.

I was most upset after he left.

William and Li's special guest
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Glossary 词汇

depends on 取决于

superlatives (形容词的)最高级

defined 修饰定义的

exception 特例

adverb 副词

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