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Cheesy and Quality 英语常用俚语

Question and Answer: When I was in England, I heard of some phrases people talk about, like ‘the cheesy music’ or the sentence, ‘They are quality’. So I want to know the meaning of cheesy and quality. Thanks a lot. - Shirley, Guangzhou

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Programme Summary 节目梗概

This week Shirley asks about the words quality and cheesy. Both of these words are very colloquial and in the programme William says that he is not surprised to hear that Shirley spent some time in the UK.

In the sentence, 'This is quality meat' the word quality means high quality. This sounds quite formal, unlike the example that Shirley gives in the programme, of young people watching football and saying "Wow, that’s quality".

This usage is slang and it means cool or really good. It's very informal, so you shouldn't use quality in this way in some situations.

Some musicians who might be cheesy
Could these musicians be cheesy?

The word cheesy is harder to explain, because it is a concept not found so easily in Chinese culture. In the programme we hear from some Londoners about what they regard as cheesy.

We can use the word to describe something that is poor quality or unfashionable but which is still very enjoyable. For example, party music can be cheesy – it's not high class or sophisticated, just good fun. Cheesy things are often quite sentimental too.

There are also a couple of other meanings to cheesy, but you will have to listen to the programme to find out what they are.

Thanks to Shirley for her question. If you have a question about the English language, send us an email at questions.chinaelt@bbc.co.uk. Your name and answer to the question could appear on our website.

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