Q & A of the Week 你问我答
F.A.Q. 常见问题

What does FAQ stand for?

This week’s programme is in response to a question from Bing Xu, who lives here in the UK.

Bing Xu wants to know what the letters F.A.Q. mean – you can often see these letters on websites. Listen to the programme to find out the meaning.

F.A.Q. is an example of an acronym. An acronym is a useful way of making a longer phrase or name shorter.

Acronyms are used a lot in English so it’s a good idea to learn some of the most common ones, such as V.I.P. or A.S.A.P.

What does it stand for?

English speakers often use acronyms or abbreviations when communicating on the internet or by text message because it is quicker and easier than typing in full words.

So if you want to know what the letters L.O.L. stand for, have a listen to the audio programme.

If you have a question about a specific aspect of the English language then email us at questions.elt@bbc.co.uk

We are always happy to answer your queries so don’t be shy - drop us a line today.

Glossary 词汇


V.I.P. 非常重要的人

A.S.A.P. 越快越好

abbreviations 缩写

text message 短信

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