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Here 单词 Here 的用法

Question and Answer: Here or in here? I don't know the difference of the usage between here and in here. Can you tell me? I will appreciate your answer - Qiancheng, Xuzhou

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Programme Summary 节目梗概

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Here or in here?
Qiancheng from Xuzhou asks this week’s question about the word here and the phrase in here.

In the programme, William explains that the word here refers to where the speaker is at the time, but in here means in this room.

William goes on to highlight some other areas of difficulty involving the words here and there.

- We never say ‘Come to here’ or ‘Go to there’ – we just say ‘Come here’ and ‘Go there’.

- When you give something to someone you can say ‘Here it is’ or if you are introducing a person on the telephone, ‘Here he is’.

- This word order changes when we use noun phases rather than pronouns, e.g. ‘Here’s your pen’ or ‘Here is Feifei’.

- The sentence ‘Here is warmer than Harbin’ sounds wrong because here and there are not normally used as nouns. It is better to say, ‘It is warmer here than in Harbin’.

We also discover ways that we can use the words here and there on the telephone, but if you want to find out more you will have to listen to the programme!

Thanks so much to Qiancheng for his interesting question. If you have a question about the English language, send us an email to questions.chinaelt@bbc.co.uk. Your name and answer to the question could appear on our website.

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