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  3 Study the following picture carefully and write an essay in which you should:

  1. describe the picture;

  2. interpret the meaning of the picture;

  3. make your comment.

  You should write 160~200 words neatly on ANSWER SHEET 2.

  (注:图片出自《讽刺与幽默》)这幅图画画得非常好,突显了两个刚刚从大学毕业的女生之间的区别:一个急着去找工作,而另一个却将文凭丢在一边,急着去征婚。毫无疑问,出题者是想让我们谈谈“急嫁一族”的问题。该文的结构安排较为简单,可以分为三段来写。第一段描述图画,第二段是解释该现象的原因,第三段给出自己的看法。In the picture, there is a sharp contrast between two college graduates soon after they have got the diploma: one of them is planning to seek a job just as most students, while the other chooses to find her partner immediately, leaving the diploma behind. It is more than clear that the drawer wants to remind us of those girls who want to live a happy life by marrying a successful man instead of achieving success by her own hands.

  I believe that two reasons account for the phenomenon. For one thing, after enrollment expansion, it is more and more difficult for university graduates, especially girls, to find an ideal job. Consequently, some of them hurry to find their partners for life as soon as they leave university. To make the matters worse, many companies and enterprises begin to enroll only men in recent years, even for many traditionally femaledominated posts such as accountants and secretaries. For another, a view becomes more and more popular in the present society: it is more important for a woman to marry an ideal husband than to get a good job. Marrying an already successful man, in the eyes of many people, means gaining the access to instant wealth and a stable and carefree life. Under the influence of such a biased opinion, many girls take great efforts to get married upon graduation.

  I myself dont agree with this practice at all. On the one hand, job satisfaction is a large part of a persons ultimate happiness, and women are no exception. On the other hand, a woman needs to get a job to be more confident, independent and openminded, and it will certainly make her more attractive as a potential marriage partner. Leo Tolstoy once said happy families are all alike, and I believe women in such families are both capable at work and back at home.第一段第一句话用冒号引出了两个女生之间的区别,而后使用while突显了这种对比。第二段趁热打铁地指出了绘画者的意图。这句话使用了句型“It is more than clear that…”,其中的more than起到了加强语气的作用。后半句的定语从句实显了句子的尾重(end weight),突出文章的主题就是“急嫁一族”。从句中的instead of用得很精彩,突出了这些女孩子的想法,也呼应了第一句话中的对比。



  When one gets to love work, life is a happy one.(John Ruskin)

  Success in highest and noblest form calls for peace of mind and enjoyment and happiness which comes only to the man who has found the work he likes best.(Napoleon Hill)

  Get happiness out of your work or you may never know what happiness is. (Elbert Hubbard)

  第三句话说女人应该工作,这样能变得更自信、独立和开明,而这会使她更有吸引力。句中使用了形容词的平行结构。最后一句引用名言,说明自己相信幸福家庭中的女性应该是在工作和家庭中都能有出色表现的。托尔斯泰的话出自Anna Karenina的首句:Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.(Leo Tolstoy)最常见的提纲包含描述图画、阐释含义和作出评论三个部分。对于社会现象这类较常见的题目,提纲也可能设置为描述图画、说明原因、提出解决办法三个部分。


  最后一段应围绕图中人物展开,如果像下面这样写成对只招男士的企业的希望,没有紧扣主题,就令人遗憾了:On the other hand, employers should treat male and female job applicants equally, as statistics show that there is no obvious difference between their performance at work.

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